about sasha and potstop

Sasha has been working with clay and throwing for over 20 years. After 5 years under the guidance of the Neil Whitehead and Lou Gilbert-Scott at Potstop in Bristol, she moved to the Netherlands and in 2017 set up her own Potstop, originally in the Gustoweg in Rotterdam.  Now working from her home studio in Schiedam Sasha is developing her own designs and producing original handmade pottery for sale and to order.

"I love the process of throwing, I still find it mesmerising, I am always aware of the long tradition of pottery in all cultures while I work. For me the form and function of the piece is the most important, a dynamic, balanced line and shape is what I try to achieve. Most of the time I think I manage this but there is always room for growth. That is what I love about pottery the combinations of clay, shape, decoration and glaze are endless and I love to experiment with new forms. I am very inspired by Japanese pottery, with it's simplicity of shape and decoration and its strong traditions.

I make functional pieces that not only look good as a display but can also be used everyday. Vases, cups, bowls and plant pots are my favourite things to make, probably because I love plants, drinking tea and eating! Recently I have started to make hanging plant pot holders from paster moulds which are available to order in a range of glaze colours.

Check out the gallery for a selection of my work, or follow me on instagram. If you see anything you like please get in touch."


instagram @potstop.nl